The dream

      The Peace be with you!                  السلام عليكم

Shalom – a Jewish mother is greeting her neighbour, an Arab woman. “Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be with you)” she replies. The two women chat a little about their children whom they have just accompanied to the interreligious kindergarten while these have already started playing with each other.

“Peace be with you” –  a dream?    (Shalom (שלום),       Salam (سـلام) 

The dream of this peace greeting to be shared again as a matter of course among Jewish and Arab people is the overall aim of the Abraham’s Tent association (Abrahamszelt e.V.) with its chairman “peace cook” Jalil Schwarz. Thanks to support and donations a foundation for bilingual and multicultural education is becoming a reality. It will help children to understand and accept each other from an early age on: The cornerstone for a peaceful living together!

 Haifa Christmas 2013

              Preparing for Christmas – Jewish, Christian and Muslim children celebrate together Christmas


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