A B R A H A M ‚ Tent Association ( ABRAHAMSZELT E.V.) 
                            Friends and Sponsors of interreligious education
                                                  for children in Israel e.V.

(officially registered in Germany according to the German Civil Law

§ 1  Denomination and address

Following its registration into the register of associations, this association is named „ABRAHAMSZELT Freunde und Förderer der interreligiösen Erziehung von Kindern in Israel“(Abrahamszelt – Friends and Sponsors of the interreligious education of children in Israel) with the specification „e.V.“ and is resident in D 50127 Bergheim, Germany.

§ 2  Aims of the association

1. Aims of the association: The association exclusively and directly pursues non-commercial aims according to the chapter „Tax-advantaged purposes“ of the General Tax Law (of Germany). The purpose of the association is the procuring of financial means for the sponsoring of projects, measures or institutions serving international understanding and the education of children from different religions towards a peaceful coexistence.
2. The association works as a “ procurer of means” in the sense of §58 Nr.1 of the General Tax Law, who uses his means only for sponsoring tax-deductible organizations, especially the Kindermissionswerk “Die Sternsinger”, Aachen. These organizations can only use the procured means for the tax-deductible measures named above.
3. The aims of the association are the following:
– collecting of donations
– arrangements with the organizations mentioned above about plans and   implementations of measures.
4. The donations have to be used for the implementation of the projected means. The fomented organizations have to prove the association the correct use of the given means.
5. The activity of the association is altruistic. It does not aim at its own commercial profit in the first instance.

§ 3  Membership

Any individual and legal body, who wants to promote the peaceful coexistence of Jews, Christians and Muslims in Israel and who wants to support the purposes of the association, can become member of the association. The executive board accepts or rejects the written applications. The applications are accepted unless there are legal objections or reasons raised in connection with the statutes of the association.

§ 4  End of Membership

1. Membership ends by death, notice of resignation or exclusion.
2. Resignation is allowed only by the end of the year and must be announced in written form to the executive board at least six months in advance. The exclusion of a member is decided upon by the executive board in written form. The decision by the executive board has to be unanimous. Reasons for an exclusion are the member’s behaviour opposed to the purposes of the association and detrimental to the reputation of the association. In case of objection against the exclusion, the members of the next general meeting will take a final decision.

§ 5  Membership subscription

The amount of the annual membership subscription is determined by the members of the general meeting following a proposal of the executive board of the association.
§ 6  Elements of the Association
1. The elements of the association are the executive board and the members of the general meeting.
2. By decision of the members of the general meeting and the executive board working groups and committees can be established to assist the executive board. They give account to the executive board.

§  7  The Executive Board

1. The executive board consists of:
1. the chairperson
2. the treasurer
3. the secretary.
2. The members of the executive board are individually elected by the general meeting by ballot for a period of three years. Its members form the executive board according to §26 of the German Civil Law. They remain in office until a new executive board has been elected. By-election of members to replace those who resign is carried out on the occasion of the next general meeting for the rest of the election period. The re-election of the members of the executive board is possible. The association is conjointly represented at court or out of court by two members of the executive board.
3. In the event of a tied vote at decisions of the executive board the vote of the chairperson is decisive.
4. The treasurer is obliged throughout the year to keep account of gains and expenditures of the association in accordance with the legal requirements.
5. The function of the members of the executive board is honorary. Nobody must be advantaged by administration expenses, which object the aims of the association, or by disproportionate allowances. The members of the executive board are legally entitled to reimbursement of their expenditures.

§  8  Board of Trustees

The board of trustees consists of persons of public life who by their names feel committed to the aims of the association. Beyond this they have no further obligation with regard to the association.

§  9  General meeting of members

1. The executive board calls a general meeting at least once per year; if the need arises the executive board may call a general meeting. The general meeting must be announced three weeks in advance by sending a written invitation which includes the items of the agenda.
• The members of the general meeting take note of the report by the executive board and vote on its approval.
• The members of the general meeting take note of the financial report by the executive board and vote on its approval.

§  10  Decisions by the association

The members of the general meeting decide by the simple majority of the valid votes. The decisions of the general meeting must be recorded, and the transcript has to be signed by the secretary and a second member of the executive board.

§ 11 Modification of the Articles of Association

Modification of the Articles of Association can be carried out in a general meeting. It needs the simple majority of valid votes, abstention from voting not being considered.

§  12  Accounting year

The financial year is equal to the calendar year.

§  13  Use of donations and surpluses

1. Donations and contributions accrued to the association must be used exclusively according to aims of the association. No member gets allowances from the capital of the association.
2. No person may get a financial advantage from expenses that are not according to the aims of the association.

§  14  Termination of the association

1. The termination of the association can be decided upon only in a general meeting which was called for this very aim. The decision needs the approval of at least 2/3 of the members of the association. Approval can be given in a written form.
2. In case of the termination of the association or of discontinuation of the tax-advantaged purposes the capital of the association “Abrahamszelt e.V” will be transferred to the Kindermissionswerk “Die Sternsinger”, Aachen, who has the obligation to use it immediately and exclusively for  charitable or religious aims. This remaining capital   can only be used for the sponsoring of interreligious  education of children or for the building of an interreligious kindergarten in Israel.

§  15  Coming into effect

 These statutes were adapted and come into effect on September 5th,, 2014.
 Jalil Schwarz (the chairperson)                            Joachim Franck (the secretary)

                     please Click Here   Statutes of the Association

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