Current project


Foundation for bilingual and multicultural
education in child care

Our association Abraham’s Tent (Abrahamszelt e.V.) has been trying to foment the building of a bilingual and multicultural kindergarten in Israel, for many years, but for various reasons all our efforts came to no success .So we tried to find a new approach, still keeping our aim of a peaceful coexistence from kindergarten on. With the help of the Kindermissionswerk Aachen “Die Sternsinger” we decided for a project that finances the education and training of child care workers for bilingual and multicultural education.  This project of the „Foundation for bilingual and multicultural education in child care“  is established in cooperation with the “Hand in Hand” organisation (Center for Jewish – Arab Education in Israel hand in hand ) located in Jerusalem.
The „Hand in Hand“ organisation currently sponsors runs three schools and five kindergartens with 1100 boys and girls, Jewish and Arabs (Christians and Muslims), who are mutually taught bilingually (Arabic and Hebrew) by two teachers. On the long run the amount of these multicultural institutions shall be raised to 15 – but there’s a long way ahead. While the schools could already get properly equipped and have well trained staff, there is still urgent need in child care. A concept for the special needs and corresponding training material has to be developed, and staff has to be qualified for bilingual and multicultural education in the preschool area. To achieve this, the „Foundation for bilingual and multicultural education in child care“ is established who develops the concept, compiles material and develops a plan for the further training of staff. Both a Jewish and an Arab project manager will be responsible for the employment of staff, the organization of courses, regular training and evaluation. Four part-time jobs will be established for the elaboration of new teaching material. In this way , a new centre will be established, that improves the quality of existing kindergartens and is also the basis for the creation of new integrative kindergartens in Israel. The Foundation can develop to a basis for other organisations who want to work on that field and so to spread the idea of a peaceful coexistence.

 Today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders