Chicken Legs with Curry Rice

 Chicken Legs with Curry Rice – Taschina


Ingredients for four people:

4 chicken legs
2 cups long grained rice (c. 280g)
200g almonds
150g. raisins
½ tin pineapple chunks
4 cups chicken stock (boiling)
1 tablespoon curry


  •        Soak raisins in warm water.

    • Boil chicken legs, remove meat from bones and divide into small pieces.

    • Fry almonds in butter till brown

    • Mix chicken meat, raisins, pineapple cubes, curry, salt and half the almonds.

    • Cover the bottom of a pan with a third of the rice.

    • Spread half the chicken mixture over the rice.

    • Then the second third of the rice on top, followed by the second half of the chicken meat.

    • Finally add the rest of the rice, and pour the boiling chicken stock carefully over everything.

    • DO NOT STIR!

    • Cover pan and bring to the boil quickly, allow to cook gently at a very low heat for

      30-35 minutes.

    • Turn onto a large plate, scatter almonds on top.

    • Serve with yoghurt or tomato/cucumber salad – and enjoy it!

Jalil “the peace cook”    hopes you enjoy your meal. Salam!